You Are Called

You Are Called

September 2, 2022

Do not believe the lie from the enemy that you are unqualified for the position for which God is calling you. God equips those he calls, and you already have every spiritual blessing needed to carry out His plans. You unknowingly have trained your entire life for the assignment ahead. In these last days, the Lord will use the unlikely to do the unthinkable. It makes no difference if you have a ministry degree or have been a drug addict. As a matter of fact, the overcomers will lead this movement of God. Those who have experienced the hand of God pulling them out of the deepest darkest pits of despair will be on the front lines witnessing victory because they know the true freedom of living in the light. It will be those who have suffered tremendous pain, sickness, and loss but now rejoice because they know the restoration power of Almighty God who has made them whole. They have lived a life trusting God in the valley, and He is taking them to the mountaintop to preach of His goodness.  God is searching for those that are set apart and fully submitted to His will. The humble-hearted servants full of uncompromising mountain-moving faith are who God will choose to do the extraordinary. He will get all the glory because the world will know without a shadow of a doubt that the miracles, signs, and wonders these "ordinary"  people perform could only be by the finger of God.

Kayla Osborn

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