Those Who Abide

Those Who Abide

June 3, 2022

Prophetic Dream & Word from the Lord for those who abide in Him:

In the days to come, darkness shall fall on the earth like never before. Satan will reign, and violence will fill the streets. Trouble will be on every side, but those who are abiding in my presence and seeking my face shall not fear. When they call upon my name for direction, I will lead them to safety and deliver them because they know my voice. When they seek shelter from the enemy, I will cover them with my wings and harm will not find them. For they will be shielded and protected from his sight. I will be there refuge, fortress, and strong tower. Darkness can not overcome them, for they are mine. When the world is in a state of panic, they will find rest. When those around them are hungry, they shall be fed. Because they have put their trust in me and built their foundation on a rock, they shall not be shaken. Oh, darkness and chaos will come but fear not, those who abide in me shall be saved.

Kayla Osborn 

Audio Recording of Prophesy:

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