Yahweh Remnant Army

Yahweh Remnant Army

December 29, 2022

Now is not the time to get distracted. Keep your eyes focused on your King. The refinement,  consecration,  tests, and trials have taught you to trust in ME alone. You know where your help comes from, the maker of heaven and earth. As you begin to march in one accord, STAY READY! I'm positioning you. STAY READY! Oh, the things you will do in my name are beyond your comprehension. STAY READY! I have snatched you out of the pit and put you on a firm foundation. You were chosen for such a time as this. The world may see you as ordinary, but you will do the extraordinary in my name, and I will receive all the glory. STAY READY and march with swords of fire drawn. I AM sending you out on assignment. I have taught you to hear my voice, and you are steadfast. Therefore, I am promoting you as generals. All of hell may know you, but you shall never fear because you bear my name and all of heaven backs you in battle. Oh, the wonders you will see and do. STAY READY and march in one accord with swords of fire drawn. IT IS TIME!

Kayla Osborn 

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