Deliverance in the Obedience

Deliverance in the Obedience

June 25, 2023

The Lord is testing and stretching the Saints in this hour. We must walk out in our private life what we preach in public. THERE IS DELIVERANCE IN THE OBEDIENCE. Will you choose to crucify your flesh and be led by the Holy Spirit even when it's uncomfortable? When you pray and say, "Send me, Lord." But He answers by sending you to your living room before sending you to the nations. Will you go? It is about INTEGRITY. For far too long many hypocritical Christians have stood preaching from pulpits the goodness of God, all while living in sin behind closed doors. The true remnant will be PURE. This is necessary to carry the glory of the Lord. Anything in your heart that does not glorify Him must be removed. There is much work to be done, and this is the preparation for it. So, choose wisely and be obedient. You cannot fool the God of all creation. He knows our innermost thoughts and is CALLING US HIGHER!

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