June 8, 2022

Deliverance should be a regular part of every Christian's life. It is the children's bread and should be practiced in every church that claims to teach Biblical principles. Thirty percent of Jesus' ministry was casting out demons. Deliverance is not only our right as Christians, but it is our responsibility to set the captives free. Jesus came to give us life and have it more abundantly. Yet, most believers attend church, worship, and pray, all while in the enemy's chains. Most Christians are entirely unaware that demons are tormenting them. They need medication to sleep due to the hold on their life. They have massive ulcers from stress. They suffer from depression and anxiety. Ultimately, they're not experiencing a life much different from people that do not know Christ. Satan has accomplished his mission of convincing them a lie that they are living in freedom. Jesus died and conquered death and hell to provide complete healing, lose us from strongholds, and give us victory over all the devil's schemes. Deliverance is necessary for the believer to have everything Jesus paid the price for. It breaks my heart to see God-loving people suffering in bondage while thinking they're free. As long as the enemy keeps deliverance out of the church and the believer's arsenal of spiritual weapons, the longer people will be bound. Jesus gave every Christian the power and authority to use His name. Get busy!

Kayla Osborn

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