Covid Prayer

Covid Prayer

 October 20, 2022

I'm here to put Satan and every demon in hell on notice! You've got to GO in the mighty name of Jesus! Covid, you are trespassing, and I command you to GO now in Jesus' name! You will no longer attack my family with sickness, and you can not have my children. My son will no longer have difficulty breathing in the name of Jesus! Sickness, I bind you up and come at you with the blood of Jesus. I dig you out by the root and send the Almighty FIRE of God to burn you up! I plead the blood over him from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet. May the healing power of the stripes Jesus bore manifest now in my son's body in Jesus name. Lord, lose your ministering and warring angels to contend for my family now in the name of Jesus. I declare their bodies be healed now and function according to the Word of God and how You created them.

I have experienced the GLORY of the Lord, and nothing can stop me now. Nothing! I will continue to be a threat to the enemy and will take back ground for the Kingdom of God, and all the enemy has stolen! I declare and decree that I will see stadiums of people set free, healed, and delivered by the finger of God! Mark my words! I will continue to praise the Most High God and worship regardless of how I feel in the natural. I'll never stop! Never! The gates of hell shall not prevail against the King of Kings! I fight from a place of victory, and I've had enough. Satan is a punk! As a daughter of the King, I know my authority, and I'm going to war! Everything the enemy meant for evil, my God turns for Good! This attack has just fired me up, and I'm done playing! UP & OUT IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME! I'M COMING WITH THE BLOOD! 

Kayla Osborn

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