Core Army Glory Carriers

Core Army Glory Carriers

June 1, 2022

I have CHOSEN each of them, and CALLED them out of captivity. I have broken their chains and RECRUITED them into the spiritual army of the CORE. Their general is FIERCE. Heaven and hell know her name. She leads with passion, heart and a two edged sword. I am TRAINING them as one accord with one mind, one sound with one cry, and a deep desire for worship. I am REFINING their character, DEVELOPING their gifts, and POURING out my anointing oil. After this intense period of PREPARATION, I will GATHER them together as one body. May they BE READY! May they BE EXPECTANT! For when this army lifts my Holy name in praise, my GLORY will fall and shine on their face. When they disperse from that place, they will be GLORY CARRIERS armed with great POWER and AUTHORITY, unlike they have ever known. VICTORY will be theirs in every battle. The flame they carry will cause a wildfire across the earth and everyone will know that I AM THEIR GOD.

Kayla Osborn

Audio Recording of Prophecy:

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